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Uniqueness is the essence of artThe our OriginsIn Murano, around 1620, an exclusive style starts. It takes the name of AvvenTurina, as the chronicles of that time tell la si dimanda venTurina et con ragione, perché sortisse più per ventura che per scientia.From then on the history of Turina name tells about a passion for glass manufacturing handed down from father to son until nowadays when Alberto Turina, spurred by his wish to make topical the learnt tradition with an up-to-date sensibility, starts his designer activity making works in full observance of the classic rules with a neatness of lines and present-day s a creative path that carries Alberto to create the Turina Design, a reality where his vision can be fully expressed.The Design Refinement and Venetian Lighting ReinventedKey feature of the Turina Designs artistic aim is its ability to reinterpret with a modern sensibility the shapes of the classic Venetian tradition offering works that perfectly fit with contemporary spaces.Its an exemple the Cà Rezzonico or Veneziano chandeliers, a Venetian classic that, with a black and white chromatism, very well matches with modern environments, homes, offices or stores.Or, in the gifts and fancy goods field, another exemple is the line of Domus vases, worked with the technique called incamiciata.Turina Design Murano Lux - Murano (Venice)


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1. Lighting: Candle Lighting, Ceiling Lights, Lamps, Fluorescent Lighting, Home Lighting, Lanterns, Office Lighting, Wall Lights


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